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Thank you for your interest in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo! We focus on mental, emotional and physical development. This is accomplished with activities that strengthens mental focus, a curriculum that is goal setting (and achieving), as well as utilizing Taekwondo as primarily a cardio activity.

Martial Arts, Centreville, VAWe develop the student of any age and physical condition. For children, we develop their focus so they can be better at school. We develop their belief in themselves so they can achieve positive grades. They learn the movements of Taekwondo so that their bodies will grow healthy, gracefully and strong. For adults of every age, we offer stress relief through the movements of Taekwondo’s cardiovascular workout, a mental distraction from life’s challenges by learning the principles of body mechanics and philosophies of Taekwondo. As well as the adult student will find a new appreciation and awareness of their body as muscle tone, flexibility and energy returns.

We never lose sight that it is an honor to be chosen by you to be your guide and teacher in the world of Taekwondo. I hope to see you in the waiting room reviewing a class. If you do decide to drop by the school, please feel free to talk to the other parents or students to get there reviews and insights. If you decide to try a trial program, please look at other schools for a comparison and you can judge the value of what you will receive here at World Class Martial Arts & Fitness. We are a traditional martial arts school specializing in Olympic style free sparring for a contemporary time.

Master Instructor Charles Lee Sparks III
“Master Lee”

Centreville Martial Arts

"It has been over 10 years since Austin joind you martial arts class. During the past 10 years, Austin has learned and enjoyed each and every moment of his time with you as well as many other classmates. Your training has provided Austin the support, discipline, confidence, motivation, courage, and most of all RESPECT. My wife and I can not thank you enough for taking the time as well as patience with Austin during his first years. With that being said, we THANK YOU for being a great mentor to Austin as well as being a friend to the Khov Family."
Pheng Khov, Parent 2010

Centreville Martial Arts

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World Class Martial Arts & Fitness
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