We are World Class.
A Martial Arts and Fitness Experience.

Do you or your children want to learn martial arts but you aren't sure where to begin? Are you looking for a new school? We can help in either case. While we are a school with elite competitors, our passion is teaching beginners and sharing the benefits of Taekwondo with everyone.

Who we are.

World Class Martial Arts & Fitness (also known as World Class Taekwondo) was established in 1983. Currently, we are the only school to have been selected by the US National Taekwondo Team Coach (Olympic medalist Juan Moreno) for endorsement in Virginia. We are the only school to have every type of electronic scoring system used in Olympic style free sparring competition. Our competition team has won local, state and national medals. We have trained and placed students on the US National Taekwondo team. We have had two World Team members and currently have three National Champions.
At our core, we are a traditional school that develops the student as a whole while encouraging the individuality. We teach by high standards that are carried over by the student to the everyday life. The leaders (the rank of Red belt and higher) of our school enjoy Honor Rolls and open doors for colleges of their choice. All military and most state colleges will award one athletic letter for every Black belt degree earned from our school. These athletic letters have been an impressive item on many resumes. All of our Black belts are registered with and certified by the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) in Seoul, Korea. This is the world’s governing body of Taekwondo and the homeland of Taekwondo.
However, the best part our student enjoys is a positive place in their relationships, in society and their inner strength. We endeavor to be a positive example to our students by being a positive force in the community. We do this by helping local churches and schools in various forms. We help with fundraisers, food drives, clothing and toy donations.

School Instructors

Master Lee

Head Instructor

Master Heymann


Master Bew


Mrs. Bew


Competition Team Instructors

Master Snow

Head Coach

Mr. Jones