Finding the right Martial Arts School for Your Kids

Finding the right Martial Arts School for Your Kids

Putting your kids in martial arts has so many benefits, they learn discipline, get exercise and it’s a chance to make new friends.  As a parent you probably pick a school based on proximity and price, you have a ton of choices.  That is not all there is to a martial arts school you also need to consider the instructors along with the type of martial arts that are being offered to students. Here are some of the things you should look at when finding the right martial arts school for your kids.

The Instructor

The skills of the instructor should actually be among the first things that you look at when choosing a martial arts school.  Do they work well with children?  Are they confident yet courteous, are they treating their students with respect?  You can have your child try out a class or two to see if they will like it, if not they can check out a different school.

The Style of Martial Arts

The style of martial arts really doesn’t matter to your kids, they probably don’t understand the difference between Karate and Judo.  You really want to look beyond the style, each style offers something different but want you want your child to learn is self-defense.  The instructor should focus on discipline and the ability to defend oneself.

The Ability to “Try Out” the Class

Most schools will give you a class or two for your child to try it out before making a financial commitment to more classes.  They offer introductory courses once a month or so.  That gives you the chance to check out the instructors and see if it is the right fit for your child.  It gives your kids a chance to see if they even like martial arts and to learn that it is much different from television.

Do Some Research

All schools should have a website where you can check out the school and instructors, see their credentials and some of the benefits of the dojo.  You can ask around to other parents and see where they are learning.  Does the school have advanced students who have been with them for years?  Lots of schools will brag about the instructors abilities such as championships, the ability to break brick and so forth, that doesn’t mean they are great teachers.  Look at reviews from other students or parents, you want a school that cares about the students more than bragging rights.